Friday, August 20, 2010

Read Comics in Public: Alaska!

Comics bloggers Brian Heater and Sarah Morean, editors at The Daily Cross Hatch, got a great idea... "Read Comics in Public" day:
"The concept is fairly simple: we’re asking that everyone take an hour or two out of their day on August 28th (also the birthday of Jack “King” Kirby, incidentally) to read a comic book in a public setting—a park bench, a beach, a bus, the front steps of your local library (we do ask, however, that you be mindful of local loitering laws). Let strangers see you reading a piece of sequential art."
Now international in scope, the event will also be taking place in Fairbanks: hosted by the Noel Wien Library and Cartoon North. So stop on in the public library and check out any one of the freakin' 1,864 titles available: it's one of the hidden treasures in this community as far as comics resources.
Other participating venues include The Comic Shop, Gulliver’s Books and Forget-Me-Not Books @ the Literacy Council of Alaska - all great places to stop by and ask for suggestions from the intelligent and friendly staff. 

Somewhat pleased to say that the stereotype of a weirdo doesn't really seem to hold up within my own circle of friends, well, as far as reading comics goes. Then again, anyone with an ingrown and myopic lifestyle who hibernates in a cabin probably isn't a good gauge of what's hip or cool. But seriously, there isn't any stigma attached as evidenced by the success of the cartoon course, jams and a couple big annual events: the popularity is sound and the medium is certainly achieving legitimacy. As someone who draws cartoons out in public at least a couple days a week anyways (speaking of clich├ęs - goatee-strokin' scruffy sandlewood-infused loner camped out over a sketchbook at a cafe), this gig'll be a fun opportunity to roam around town with a camera and hit up all the favorite haunts. Plus promote people and places who love reading, talking about, sharing and making comics.
Look forward to some pics up here afterwards, and over on the local Facebook event page: folks can either post to the wall there or email me your shots directly (nuggets at alaska dot net).

Art by Robert Sergel

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