Thursday, October 8, 2009

24 Hour Comics Day: Exhibit

Here's a couple snapshots of the display set up over at UAF's Wood Center, which is the campus student activity hub, meaning there'll be some great exposure from all the traffic - the exhibit's up for the rest of the month too.
There's also some contact info posted in case anyone in the community's is interested in participating in any upcoming events such as cartoon jams and workshops with visiting cartoonists.

Kinda white-trashy style display, as I still hadn't quite caught up on enough sleep, but hey, it looks spiffy enough: almost like walking into a giant funny-page section of a newspaper maze. And seeing all the different styles from the wide range of folks who attended the event all up and next to each other creates another cool perspective on the works - mainly an impressive output! I actually started out pushing in thumbtacks for each page, but after estimating something like over six-hundred more to go I opted for a staple-gun instead (worry about taking the show down later).

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