Friday, March 1, 2013

The 2013 AK GOP (circ. 2 Million BCE)

Tweaked the new (well, technically dating from the Pleistocene) unofficial logo for Alaska Republicans, featuring their mammoth of a mascot. Surely no coincidence it also happens to be the official Alaska state fossil. It's an equally appropriately prehistoric predecessor to their Lower 48 GOP contemporaries... but then we're usually just a little bit behind up in this neck of the woods.
And falling even further behind, as evidenced by the rash of recent Republican activity:

Refusing to follow the damned law on their last round of gerrymandering.
Republican legislators ignoring blatant and unethical conflicts of interest.
Championing a racist Voter ID Act
Fomenting secessionist, militant fantasies that are utter "nonsense."
Waging War on Alaskan Women
Openly mocking civil rights.
Rolling back citizen initiatives to keep raw sewage from getting dumped in our waters. 
Wiping their collective asses with the Alaska (and the U.S.) constitution to erase the separation of church and state.

And this newest incarnation of the infamous corrupt bastards are just getting started.
To quote the Republican Speaker of the House... "what a crock of shit."


  1. Thanks - guaranteed good fodder at least.

  2. Brilliant and bold! Amazing how much "content" and information gets conveyed with the drawing. Always worthwhile visiting Ink and SNow!

  3. Thanks for the visit + comment!