Friday, February 15, 2013

That Warm Feeling Inside...

... which usually means I've been reading about Alaskan politics and need to reach for the antacid.
As predicted in this earlier post (re: Voter ID), what with the newfound legislative powers of this new batch of local yokel politicians, the Alaskan War on Women has begun to proceeded apace (just a little bit behind their Lower 48 counterparts). The thin edge of the wedge is being driven by the invasive, obsessive fanatic who whelped last year's state sponsored rape initiative, North Pole Senator Coghill. Sure to be one among many such similar motions to issue forth from Juneau over the next few years.
“Why wouldn’t somebody (promptly report rape or incest)?” Coghill asked rhetorically.
The panel's a good way to introduce a revamped AK-GOP logo, customized to reflect the glacial pace of progress in the arctic, to say nothing of an appropriate evolutionary mascot for the party's priorities and fossilized perspectives.

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