Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Single Digits"

Well, it's warming up, somewhat... comparatively speaking that is. Be interesting to see if this panel actually runs (it didn't), as it skirts the edge of "family friendly" even though it's not technically showing anything offensive, just implying it. But hey, aside from upsetting the delicate sensitivities of the General Public... "You see only what you bring to the piece."
Then again, at forty-below, such niceties tend to evaporate quicker than boiling water tossed up in the air. At least I always try and remember to smile when gesturing, which may or may not help matters much when it comes to looking crazy and gesturing madly at the sky.
Artistically speaking, it was a real challenge to clearly draw the suggestion of an extended finger inside of a mitten. Countless hours were spent researching basic anatomy, fiber design and hiring models to ensure accurate depiction. Because we here at Nuggets®™proudly, and literally, stand behind our product.

1 comment:

  1. Love it. That's the biggest problem with mittens: they cut down on such vital communication methods.