Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beaver Dreams

On a (log) roll: once again I woke up my girlfriend by laughing in my sleep. I never have worried overmuch about the significance of dreams, interpreting them or otherwise, as I figure the subconscious is "sub" for a good reason. That, and I have enough difficulty interpreting everyday events during waking hours to grapple with the stuff going on behind the scenes, and so I really need the mental down-time in the evening. That said, it is a relief to assume things are presumably just as much of a laugh at night as they are over the course of a normal day.

Here's an answer to a question which obviously nobody dares to ask. A top question at signings is "why beavers?" for which I honestly have no answer. Other than they're so dam cute I mean. Something totemic to be sure, their resolutely industrious nature that constantly attempts to refashion or impose an order upon a chaotic world maybe.

As per my observations about dreaming, I'm pretty sure not a, uh, dam thing is "melding well," and hey... that's okay. But I guess "construction of creativity outlets" is better than my metaphor of a brain being a big ol' beaver lodge, with ideas as critters that essay forth to gnaw upon the pillars of reason and good taste. 

And while I'm all for the concept of "letting it flow," but "Temporary blockages of creativity" is a phrase I associate more with the Outhouse Theory of Idea Generation®™.

Now to analyze why I still chew my pencils.

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