Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tshirts: AlaskaToon

For years my website was, before it imploded under my lax management after being nurtured and shepherded by a long-suffering friend & fan. After a recent refresher crash-course in Dreamweaver I aim to set about relaunching an new, improved website, probably right around about the time I coincidentally max out on server storage on the Blogger platform. Damn high-res hiking pictures.
Here's a link to a Flash animation by my former boss and talented friend Rick Redick that made for a spiffy welcome page to the website. Backside to the tshirt is posted below.

In 1989 my first editorial panel that appeared in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner was turned into a tshirt: my first fledgling effort to donate to a cause. In retrospect, getting in line with a lot of residents trying to capitalize off a tragedy was about as slick as an oil executive, but the experience did foment later benefit tshirts that were very successful.
That said, support PWSRCAC and learn about EVOSTC.

One of the last food-industry gigs I had was working at Home Port, a locally-owned deli where my my artistic talents were employed almost as much as my phenomenal sandwich-making skills. Namely drawing pictures of the insanely huge kosher dills we sold on the side.


  1. Dude: resize your pics. I never post full-size versions on line. There's a neat resizer you can download for Windows or you can do it in Preview on Mac.

    The Windows resizer may be obsolete now. It worked for XP (I use old equipment) and have not looked for newer versions. I'm not sure what kind of computer(s) you may be running.

  2. Hmm - thanks for the heads-up. It may be a moot point soon as I'm almost at my image limit for Picasa/Blogger, and it will automatically resize (scale down) every file on the entire blog.
    What device, operating system and browser are you using by chance? I haven't yet heard any complaints, and I might be oblivious since using this big ol' iMac monitor.