Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"School of Hard Knocks"

The previously posted piece "Dolls" piece got me thinking, and I hadn't yet reformatted/posted this 3-pager from a few years back. More information than anybody cares about, but there it is: probably some insight into why and how I turned out like I did. 
Head injuries and non-therapeutic electrical shock explains a lot.
The rest below the fold...


  1. Rather a flood of introspection and revelation lately. Not that that's a bad thing. It's like the big geographic displacement seems to have stirred things up in the old pond. We tend to farm our lives for our material. Sometimes it's more observational and superficial, held in the hand, aimed away. Other times it displays more vulnerability. It tests how we will be treated. It asserts we are ready for whatever response we get.

    You forged your various lumps and scars into art. Not everyone does that. Warped with a work ethic and an eye for composition.

  2. That's the nicest thing anybody ever said about my penchant for recurrent head injuries.
    But seriously, thanks - daily commutes are often good, fertile ground for such introspection, and increasing the milage by a magnitude of many thousands of miles over many many successive days just ramps up opportunity the reflection.
    Then again navel-gazing behind the wheel is probably as bad as texting while driving (but at least I'm not doodling while driving) (as much).
    Thanks for the kind comment... there'll be much material to follow after this migration, to be sure...