Tuesday, April 3, 2012


During The Migration, I'd been rummaging around all the miscellaneous stacks of CD's scattered about the cabin trying to find one particular file, and along the way unearthed some random stuff from the past. This one-page piece was in a show sometime around five years ago, a women-only invitational on dolls that I sorta snuck into (it wasn't displayed in the gallery proper but relegated to the entryway).
The primary influence came from one of my best-remembered books from childhood, the 1972 classic "William's Doll" by Charlotte Zolotow: still to this day my shelves are stuffed with plushies, mostly - go figure - beavers, moosen and bears (oh my). Getting mercilessly picked on in school for being a weirdo loner with a girl's name and insulted or beaten up on account of having long hair probably had something to do with it too. But as far as the guys & dolls thing, turns out I'm not alone...

“He wanted to hug it and cradle it in his arms..." – from William’s Doll 

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