Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Wester Island"

Besides starting off the month on a positive note (Happy April Fool's Day), there's absolutely no reason whatsoever for this panel. Happened while in the middle of drawing the usual Alaskana material... sometimes random stuff just leaks out of the end of the pen. As it happens, now I'm working on another monolithic piece for the Nuggets feature which dovetails off this concept. Sort of. More later...


  1. Didn't you see my Keister Island cartoon?

  2. No... but aw crap, now I don't feel so original anymore... sigh...
    But seriously - yours is better/a more clearly executed concept, especially the "Keister" title - I totally wracked my brain on trying to come up something and completely missed that angle. Score.
    Everybody check out that link - and soon as we land in a new home I'll w/your permission repost yours as an excellent example of great minds thinking alike, or at least fixated on megalithic asses.

  3. Woo Hoo! I might make Jamie's blog!