Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Dentally Defective Rat"

I've been remiss in posting Castor canadensis categories as of late. But they are never far from attention in Acadia, where their current engineering efforts have been flooding the road to work - evidence of their recent and ongoing campaign reclaiming their former range on Mount Desert Island.

Behold: the best marketing campaign logo ever.
Meanwhile a Canadian legislator is lobbying against having the humble beaver as their national symbol, calling the"dentally defective rat" a "toothy tyrant" and a "19th-century has-been..." The Ontario senator wants the rodent to step aside and let the Polar bear take its place as the iconic animal of the nation. 
Fine, they all seem to be migrating to Minnesota anyways, at least all the really big ones.



  1. There are a lot of them at Acadia and we find their work on lots of other hikes. I never see the animals though.

  2. True - aside from the herds of people in the Park, most animals seem to avoid encounters and just leave evidence behind (again, a lot like humans).