Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Painter Phil McBride

"Tol Brandir" (acrylic, 20x30")

Here's a piece by local Maine artist Phil McBride, which I routinely camp out underneath whenever it's time for some creative juices (damn good conversation and coffee) at the downtown cafe in Bar Harbor. As alluded to in a previous post, this painting partly inspired one of my panels ("Think Outside The Box") because of his approach at re-presenting from observations and recollections of the landscape around this neck of the woods. For me this piece of his in particular visually triggers an aesthetic response that is keyed in on the many lingering impressions Acadia can leave on someone who is not just driving by, but really investing in a more intimate, firsthand experience. In other words, taking the time and "taking notes" makes for a more lasting connection, not to mention better art. As with any painting this posted sample doesn't do justice to the color and texture as opposed to seeing the real thing up close & personal, much like the landscape itself. But more than any other image I've come across over the past year, this one is the next best closest thing to being here/there.
Check out his website here for more works and writings.

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