Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"OPP" Post (Other People's Puns)

Word to Ester's Banana Girls Marching Ukelele Band! Over on the "Look, See" link list to the right is one to Jeff Hawley's blog for his "Logjam" feature. A fellow member of Cartoonists Northwest, he:
"...draws 'Logjam' comics on bark, using a sharpened twig dipped in ink made from boiled walnuts. Jeff writes strips during trances induced by eating grilled trees sandwiches. He is an award-winning cartoonist who lives in a rain forest on a misty island in Puget Sound."
By kind permission I'm reposting what for me, jaded and burnt-out as I am at the moment, caused a rare laugh-out-loud moment. Man do I ever love a bad good gag. His work is actually one of a handful of out there I like to read for the pure fun of it, as it's funny and fun to look at (as opposed to most cartoonists, who are just funny looking). Plus with my past experiences with mushrooms, I know just how tough it is trying to infuse a non-traditional character like a plant with any sense of personality, and Logjam's a pretty sappy specimen.
Also worth noting another erstwhile Alaskan returns to blogging: John Hagen, photographer and digital artist, is back in the virtual saddle over at "Unthawed Alaskan." Not only a good eye but my kinda humor as well... get yer Mojo on!

"Frankensalmon" by John Hagen

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