Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Georgia On My Mind"/Oh Savannah

Similar to the extended breaks from blogging I've taken during some intermittent vacations, and also during the migration from Alaska to Maine with an accompanying upload of "Old School" and "Cheechako" material, here's another temporary shift in content and posting. I now embark upon another side-trip to tie up a major loose end: this time migrating even deeper south... back to Savannah, Georgia, where for ten weeks I'll be completing my MFA coursework. From the spring quarter of 2001 to the spring quarter of 2003 I was enrolled in the Sequential Art department at the Savannah College of Art & design. I recently applied for readmission so as to wrap up the last few credits for the degree, so this summer was spent working on the required internship, and after finishing a paper and taking one last class this fall, presumably even more spiffy things will happen.

As with the "Old School" and "Cheechako" topics, the new "SCAD" topic heading will be used to pad out the ten-week hiatus by posting samples of my work dating from graduate study days, the majority of which have never seen the light of day, much less published anywhere. Now this blog will truly begin to take on a multiple personality as the three-ring circus of material from Alaska, Maine and Georgia coalesces into what I hope is an amusing and insightful series of postings. So stay 'tooned and enjoy this brief divergence into the bayous of my brain: I'll also interject occasional updates from the road - not to mention there will be quite the backlog of Nuggets and LowTide material after that!

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