Friday, September 10, 2010

Road Trip/Sketchbook Journal: DownEast (Part 3)

One particular high point in this visit to Acadia was checking out the George B. Dorr Museum housed on the campus of the College of the Atlantic. The College is a small, private environmental liberal-arts school with an alternative curriculum: students design their own majors, and as there are no traditional departments, both of the degrees offered (Bachelor of Arts and Master of Philosophy) are in Human Ecology.

One point of interest for me was the spiffy, eye-catching artwork prominently featured at the building entrance and also on the accompanying image on the museum's postcard. As it happened, Carrie E. Graham, the creator of said work and supervisor of the museum, was working when I showed up with my sketchbook in hand: check out her website here for more samples of her graphics, sketches and scientific illustrations.
The museum boasted probably the finest collection of taxidermy mounts I've ever seen displayed anywhere in my travels. I was fortunate enough to be able to hang out on-site for a few hours and score some nice sketches and reference photographs amidst the flow of visitors and field-tripping children.    


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