Thursday, September 9, 2010

Very Very Short...

For some reason or another, this particular panel was a struggle pain the butt: after all was said & done, after wrangling around with it for over an hour I looked at it and saw that the linear perspective was still all wonky. Oh well. Next.
But I used it to flog a particular point in the new semester's Beginning Drawing class' opening lecture on linear perspective: it still works. Technical accuracy in a cartoon can be not just superfluous but a liability as far as style goes. Unless it distracts from the intent, in which case it cripples communication of a concept. Contrasted against a current painting in the student gallery which, for example, also uses linear perspective in the composition, but is entirely incidental to the overall meaning. Still, just as with the panel here, the potential is for it to undermine confidence in a critical viewer who will consequently dismiss, or at least have their perception tainted, of anything else the artist does. As in, learn how to draw pole-vault over moose turds.

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