Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How To Plug a Leak

Appearing in the brand-new issue of The Ester Republic

The Alaskan unholy trinity, each dutifully carrying water oil for the industry, turning their best apologist tricks on the respective State, Federal and National levels.
In a near-case of close calls, the timing was slightly off for local cheerleader Rep. Mike Kelly's "severance tax holiday" that probably wouldn't have hit a speed bump even with the
current spill's creeping influence on future offshore efforts. Because we all know how much the corporations are just strained for cash. 
And as for one of my favorite subjects, Congressman Don Young ... well, let's just let his own words speak for themselves:

Young said the media is making the Gulf leak out to be a disaster but he doesn't believe that it has reached that level. 
"It's a tragedy," he said of the spill. -

Earlier during the hearing, Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, said that "sometimes the desire to clean up can cause more problems than you would consider." He said dispersants are largely intended to avoid things people don't like to see.

"The media always likes looking at that dead duck," he said. -
Last and not least, the Quitter. Oh, nevermind.

And by the way, you can't see Lisa Murkowski as she's been sucked in too far - but she gets her very own special panel, owing to the insane amount she's been pumping out. Stay 'tooned for more...

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