Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alaska Press Club 2009 Awards

Here's some selected highlights from this year's Alaska Press Club awards:

Best Editorial Cartoon: #1. Peter Dunlop-Shohl, "Frozen Grin"
"Peter Dunlop Shohl’s poignant, funny and well drawn cartoons made his work the clear
winner. I was particularly impressed that the cartoon with the two polar bears, in one
drawing commented on both global warming in a way particularly germane to Alaska, as
well as the floating trash island. He takes full advantage of using color to enhance his
cartoons’ strong ideas." Comment from judge Jimmy Margulies
* Bonus: "Frozen Grin" also scored #2 in the Best Blog category also - congratulations!

Also worth mentioning, and whose work I hope to show off here sometime soon:
#2. Michael O’Meara, Homer News
"At a time when many larger newspapers are shedding their staff cartoonist, Homer News
is wisely defying that trend by featuring Michael O’Meara’s work on its editorial page.
Of the three cartoons he submitted, I felt the two which were most locally oriented, one
on Premera and the other on taxes, were particularly effective."

Also on a related note, one of the two papers the "Nuggets" feature runs in bagged an award for "Best Weekly Newspaper":

"Although this weekly takes a more featurized approach than some of the other entrants,
its strong cover graphics and intriguing front-page headlines make a reader want to move
inside to the rest of the material. This is a paper to linger over with a cappuccino. Its long, dominant feature reflects good writing and strong reporting in short, what old-school journalists and loyal readers alike regard as a good yarn. The columns cover a good array of subjects, from beer reviews to gay love advice."

Also, as an aside, in the "large" newspaper category, the consistently incredible work by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner photographers was recognized:
Best News Photo: #1 - Eric Engman and #2 - Sam Harrel; Best Picture story: #1 & #2 - John Wagner, #3 + Honorable Mention - Eric Engman; Best Feature Photo: #2 - Eric Engman; Best Sports Photo: #1 - John Wagner; Best Scenic Photo: #1 - John Wagner; Best Portrait: #1 & #2 - John Wagner
And last, but most definitely not the least, in the Best Page Layout and Design category:
#1 - DeeDee Hammond, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
She makes me look good! Congratulations to all again!

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