Sunday, June 16, 2024

"Earl's Burl"

Between bein' burly and feelin' funny. Also the first of a series featuring the Ol' Timer character: an entire month's-worth of the full-color feature as appearing in the pages of ya local paper in a row all had him in them, and as it happens the constellations were in order to extend that run to a half-dozen posts on this here blog, so brace y'self.

Tourists and locals alike use them as ornamentation and almost as ubiquitous as strips of baleen, goldpans and racks about the Interior. 

As of this year I noticed I could finally open doors around campus when both of my hands were full by abandoning any pretext of pride and use the tummy bump technique. So when folks wonder where I get my ideas... depending on the picture, sometimes it's "no comment." 

And besides, that's never the whole picture when it comes to inspiration... insight can come from inside or from being immersed in the outside, scenic inspiration can come from all around.

More specifically the outside was inside and looming directly over my shoulder as I sketched this in my usual spot at 6:30am for tapping creative juices.

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