Sunday, November 26, 2023


One of these days I'm gonna release a special edition collection of just the mushing material, as there is quite the repository in the archives - starting in the late 90's with "Iditatoons" running in Mushing Magazine. Presumably one of these days I'll also sit down and learn how to draw what dog sleds and accompanying harnesses actually look like in reality. Naaahhh...

This particular panel initially grew from a concept I was playing with that involved the Egyptian pantheon as adapted for Alaska. I'll tease out some more of the material eventually as the idea has some promising potential - especially Thoth as a Sandhill crane.

Also along the way I edited the original caption so as to avoid any unnecessary points scored at the expense of handicapped individuals. Posted here as a lesson in how even older folks like myself raised on a media diet of unintentional cruelty can eventually evolve. Bonus points for sneaking in some mushing jargon.
A side-note in that I was exceptionally pleased at the digital coloring, and consequently impressed - once again - at the printing capabilities of the published version.

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