Sunday, August 7, 2022

"Charlotte's Moose"

Back in May it was the "Month of Moosen" (or alternately "Meese") and so featured five straight weeks of moose-related material. Kind of like the menu of subsistence households when clearing out the freezer: moose soup, moose stroganoff, moose burgers, moose roast etc. Not unlike comedy, nothing ever truly gets old... just keep adding more herbs + spices.

The act of penciling out this particular panel triggered a longstanding issue with failing at Celtic knots, and by extension any illustration featuring ornate, interlocking patterns. This is attributed to my case of A.D.D. - specifically Artistic Deficit Disorder wherein I get bored by anything that takes me longer than an hour to finish. Along with S.A.D. - Seasonally Affective Doodling, it makes for extenuating conditions under which to create new cartoons. And following from this, the first version of the piece was tested out on a random pool of volunteers at the cafe whereupon the command editorial decision was made to thicken the threads just a tad bit so as to make it a little more obvious what the gag was about.

And as it turned out, there was just enough of a communal, cultural webbing tying us all together to make it work. In other words for most folks the primordial ooze of nostalgia was stirred enough to recall the iconic imagery from E.B. White's seminal book illustrated by one of my personal all-time favorite artists Garth Williams.

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