Sunday, July 31, 2022

"Moose Mousse Mousse": Triple Homophone

A rare triple-hitter here. As well as bookending with last May's barber post, this particular panel not only got inspired by a session sitting in the chair, but underwent some amusing metamorphosis during the creative process.

Still went the usual doodle > pencil > ink > scan > digital color route. But there was another whole layer in the evolution.

The original idea was a four piece and featured an entirely different species of critter, that in turn required a little bit of research and photo-reference.

It's not often that even I will say - whoah, wait a minute, this is a bit much. Maybe I need to build a bigger Jacob's Ladder? (or one a little longer at least). Actually it was yet another excuse to see how I could bend it back to Alaska-specific species.

Here's the bonus variation special just for faithful readers of Ink & Snow.

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