Saturday, March 19, 2022


A little virtual housecleaning for some broken/dead linkage repairs led in turn to updating old pages. Shut down the defunct Printfection tshirts + mugs, as I’ll be rebooting those items plus an upcoming line of stickers + pins with a different vendor. 

Dusted off and relaunched my Lulu press bookstore for a couple classic titles that were in hibernation over there: both “Bad Clams” (the collection of “Low Tide” Maine cartoons) and the “Overflow XXV” exhibition catalog (crammed with all sorts of ephemera & miscellany from the "Quarter-century of Stupid" event). The other four previously stocked "Nuggets" + "Freeze-Frame" compilations are now effectively outta print, though copies do crop up at the occasional opening... and you can always email me directly with any other queries.

*Canny eyes will spot a little surprise title now listed, which I’m exclusively tipping off first my faithful readers on Ink & Snow before any other platform… my own personal proofs are en route/in the mail as I write – so stay ‘tooned as more will be revealed in upcoming posts. CHEERS! 

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