Sunday, August 4, 2013

Overflow XXV: HIghlights from Opening Night

Here's a slough of pics from opening night for the show at the Fairbanks Community Museum: Many thanks go out to all the wonderful people who dropped by, and especially to all the fine folks behind the scenes who made it happen (Diane Rose, Steve, Ron, Bob, Diane & Sue, Gary, Brian W. & Brian N., Seth & Sarah, and the original Grunditz). Turnout was fantastic with well over several hundred visitors, and there was splendid victuals and musical entertainment on hand as well. Even though it was a First Friday and there were several other venues hosting exhibitions - plus it was also kickoff for the State Fair - there was an overwhelming show of support. This was in no small part due to some exceptional coverage in the newspaper + promotional efforts of local organizations. It was really special and humbling to see so many good friends and fans alike - and make so many new ones!

If it's expensive, framed + in a gallery, then it must be Fine Art®™
My personal favorite corner of the gallery
Pelts & Originals
The hard-working crew at the Museum
Creative juices via HooDoo Brewing Co.'s K├Âlsch + Vintage serigraphs
Tunage by Ice Jam
The infamous "Unappetizer Dish" made an appearance
"That's All Folks!"


  1. Thanks - it's a fantastic place full of fantastic folks.

  2. Awesome show in a great venue! I'd never been in there before; what a neat place. And wow, so amazing to look through all the art, the newer and the older.

  3. Very cool to see ya there... was a great opportunity to share this special nugget of a place that not a lot of people had known about. And yeah, we've come a long way from the days of Zip-A-Tone/LetraTone + Flair pens!