Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Oaf of Office

Today we start the long struggle towards a more hopeful and sane future. Though not my first (or 3rd-5th actually) preferred candidate, America definitely could use a symbolic grandfather figure now, as opposed to the raging, senile racist, bigoted uncle. Trust me - I have just enough contact with family members to count on one hand after rejecting the toxicity, negativity and outright insanity that has infected the majority of 'em. Anyways, the viral image above revealed an interesting detail of note: the framed cartoon strip seen tucked behind the laptop under the lamp. There probably isn't a more fitting legacy strip (aka zombie) character to fit hand-in-glove with the grandfatherly image, and that includes the equally enduring and problematic baggage associated with it. With all that being said I'm really looking forward to a mentally healthier and more refreshing change of pace.

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