Saturday, January 16, 2021

KTVF Channel 11 Interview

Got interviewed by reporter + anchor Alex Bengel from local station KTVF Channel 11, and the piece was just broadcast/uploaded this week. It was conducted on-site at the 6th annual retrospective exhibition down at the distillery, and I was already primed to give tons of soundbites after lots of practice giving the Private Tours. What a great job condensing maybe half an hour of material down to a tight, concise, focused segment - I'm always impressed at the work these folks do at a job that is so technical and challenging in breadth + depth. Once again proving what a crucial part journalism plays in bringing so many different facets of our community, from important news to interesting features, to the public's attention, whether on a regional, national or worldwide in scope.

Just as a point of clarification, because I still get confused about this finer point of detail, the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce awards the Artist of the Year for the upcoming/ongoing year-in-progress (as opposed to honoring the recipients in other categories for their respective efforts from the previous year) as a way to showcase + promote their work throughout the season. And on account of 2020 being such a bust what with the pandemic's impact, they graciously extended a generous opportunity to just roll the award over, thus making me 2020's and 2021's AOY. Let's hear it for the reboot, and looking forward to other upcoming venues and gigs.