Sunday, August 2, 2020

"Mammoth Bathroom Issue"

Virus Notebook: Entry #209 So I asked this of myself, after staring down at another doodle that came out the other end of the pen, magically appearing on a blank piece of paper: “What if this is the last thing you ever drew, the one piece that sums up everything about you at the end? Is this what you want to be remembered for?” And to then be so satisfied with the result, for it to feel so right when finished that, yes, THIS panel is my personal best, my most funniest ever done. Wait - what? Oh well. Because it flops on the first person you bounce the idea off of, so you sit on it for another day, then look at it again the morning after and it’s like you went out last night and got so trashed at the comedy club that you picked up and took home with you the dumbest joke there was and woke up wishing you could chew off your leg so as to slip away in shame. But there’s a pictures so you can’t deny it. But seriously, talk about undermining self-confidence: how could you ever miss something so obvious? How do you get away with being so unfunny – no wonder why nobody ever gets your stuff because it’s just too stupid or weird – I mean LOOK AT THIS - what the hell are you even talking about? And why the hell did you drag poor Mr. Snuffleupagus into this?

Now it's "Exhibit #900" in perseverance, or in other words, just ignoring everyone and everything and going ahead with instinct. Trusting yourself will never go extinct.

(preliminary deisgn scanned from sketchbook)


  1. That's silly, everyone knows that the urinals of the Pleistocene were all manual-flush.

    1. Guess the T-Rex with those tiny arms would have been, um, shit outta luck