Saturday, August 12, 2017

The "Man-Purse"

This old thing can be seen every so often in some of my pictures while working away in the "remote studio," as it's very rarely ever not by my side whenever I go anywhere. I occasionally raise eyebrows and even get flak for toting this thing around - but I guess if you're going to have personal baggage, then this would be the way to go. The Significant Otter bought it for me like almost fifteen years ago while she was earning an MFA in Montana. It was a commemorative bag for the 200-year anniversary of the Lewis + Clark expedition, and  has yet to show any sign of wear (not to mention, aside from repeat soakings & stainings, has yet to be washed either - it's seasoned like a good iron skillet by now). This after getting overstuffed and hauled all over the United States and up + down the state of Alaska - one rugged piece of luggage. I'm routinely asked just what the heck do I have in it, and as one can plainly see, only the barest essentials for cafe survival for any traveling artist are crammed in. One of these days I'll do a rendering of the toolbox used to conduct classroom demonstrations or public show & tells - now that thing's a total mess.

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