Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Arctic Derangement Syndrome"

I had to confess + apologize to a long-time acquaintance that this panel wasn't really about him (and local residents will immediately recognize the caricature), even though he's one of the most infamous pair of year-round shorts in the Interior. But then again, whenever you hear the words "it's not you," well, it is, so I went ahead and customized it.

Technically it's aesthetically okay when shorts are worn indoors during winter, because it's all about context. In reality it was some other schmuck who went waltzing across a parking lot while I was pumping gas at -30°F that triggered it. This is similar to the mental bifurcation that occurs upon seeing cross-country skiers with rollers on for road travel during the summer months: FFS we only have a few months can't you goddamn wait?

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