Saturday, November 14, 2015

Perspective: Cityscape Exercise II (Updated 2016)

Here's a handful of resultant sketches from another in-class exercise based on the David Petersen lecture in conjunction with linear perspective assignments.

Briefly, in Beginning Drawing after working with a multi-point still-life we close that particular studio session out with experimenting in how to turn one of the studies into "citiscapes."

I'm really impressed with the directions that the students took their pieces. Sure seems to be the right combination of observation + imagination, proving once again how much of fantasy is rooted in reality.

This is along the lines of the adage "learn the rules before you break them," or as my old drawing instructor used to berate me: "Jamie, it's okay to fantasize: just fantasize correctly."

All of these sorts of exercises are ultimately predicated upon the - hopefully - successful understanding of basic skills in observing different scenarios and effectively transmitting this knowledge in the form of a drawing that exemplifies the underlying principles. Now let's go bowling.

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