Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Do Not Stop On Tracks"

I pass by one of these signs half time when I drive anywhere from home. Having your funny feelers out at all times throughout the day while trolling for ideas often results in random gag ideas ping on the ol' cartoon radar. Also it helps explain why long stretches of spacing out can intermittently punctuated by sudden barks of laughter, which is fine when you're alone, but tends to be disconcerting to any passengers.

Not entirely pleased with the overall, end result of this panel, as it can be too easily misconstrued as some dude with a pet bear, or maybe it's his buddy and they're out on a stroll together, since it's missing an element of threat or foreboding, imminent attack. Not that the possibility of being misunderstood has ever stopped any cartoonist, or artist for that matter, from doing a drawing. Always a chance and some hope of someone "getting it" on their own and being in alignment with the original idea. It's the eternal struggle to balance one's inner vision with the reality, or put another way, commercial success that hinges upon imparting concepts to the general public, which in turn is predicated on crafting an illustration which clearly and effectively communicates in visual (and in the case of a incorporating a caption, utilizing text as well) terms just what the hell is the point.