Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Tundra Nuggets"

Alternately subtitled "Two great tastes that are tasteless together," this panel came about from a classroom visit to the Cartoon & Comic Arts course by Tundra creator Chad Carpenter. En route to the campus I bounced a coupla concepts off him for a collaboration - we hadn't done one since 1997 - and basically forced him at Sharpiepoint to do a demo in front of the students. Afterwards I inked in the other half, then scanned the piece and used one of his preexisting works (one of his more infamous beaver prints just so happens to hang on the studio wall) to swipe the Photoshop palette and match his character's colors.

Besides a basic private joke on the mutual phenomenon of how many folks tell each of us about their favorite cartoon that we've ever drawn - which turns out instead to be the other guy's work, we both figured it would be a truly meta-Alaska geek reference that only true fans will get... especially given the overlapping demographics of our fans + readers. At least two guys who'll get it (which is one more than usual for my feature). Thanks Chad!

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