Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Xmas 1997"

Fifteen years ago I herded cats and corralled the other cartoonists in Alaska to do a group shot of sorts for all our fans. I asked each of the creators (Robin Heller of "Mukluk & Honisukle," Peter Dunlap-Shohl of "Muskeg Heights" and Chad Carpenter of "Tundra") to draw a caricature of themselves and one of their bears. After everybody mailed me their drawing I rescaled them and pasted them up into a new "original" laser copy, which was in turn mailed to the newspapers. After looking back on all that manual, old-school prepwork it's pretty amazing to think how far the technology has evolved, to say nothing how our respective sense of humor skills have matured in the meantime.
One thing that hasn't changed would still be our wishes for you to have a safe and happy holidays!

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