Friday, October 3, 2014

Pics: 2014 VAA Cartoon Class + Residency Certification!

Image: JR Ancheta/UAF Marketing & Communications

Just recently got a handful of spiffy images from this past summer's gig with the UAF Visual Art Academy: it's one thing to constantly be reminded of the awesome talent of the attendees by pure virtue of their collected works - it's another to see snapshots of the intensity, focus and fun we had. Not so much in retrospect either... it's still an ongoing inspiration.

Note that if you missed it the first time posted, please peruse at your leisure the couple boards dedicated to student samples up over at Pinterest: Cartoons + Comics, and recaps on the blog from VAA 2013 here and here.

Also a fabulous opportunity has opened up after recently completing certification to take part in our local borough district's Artist In Schools program. The Teaching Artist Training Academy offers professional development for local artists, and is hosted by the Art Center, and the Fairbanks Arts Association. It is truly an impressive and inspirational experience, as there are a lot of folks who dedicate so much of their time + energy to advocate for the arts, and it is so humbling to learn how hard it is to not only teach art in a classroom, but what goes on for many, many hours behind the scenes as well.

I'm honored to earn a spot on the roster of the artists in our community who share their work with students in our public schools. And I'll have an upcoming post specifically about Comics In The Classroom for another educational event I'm conducting a workshop for next weekend.

Image: JR Ancheta/UAF Marketing & Communications

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