Sunday, June 22, 2014

2014 UAF Visual Art Academy: Comics!

A quick follow-up post to Friday's post about the 10th annual UAF Visual Art Academy's cartooning classes. After a fabulous and jam-packed show at the gallery, I uploaded all the final pages to another Pinterest board here, for all the folks who couldn't make the opening and see all the works in person. Still in awe over the volume of material that was cranked out, and more than a few aspiring talents created some panels & pages that really stood out!

(Selected excerpts: establishing shots)

Having the pieces on display was a nice treat: besides creating a bottle-neck traffic-jam in the department hallways it was a splendid opportunity to interact with the public and a voyeuristic thrill to observe how many people really enjoyed reading them over. Knowing that all the works had in the meantime been covertly copied into a colossal class comic book compendium was a secret glee - as was the knowledge everything was also on-line. Best of all possible worlds to have as many creative irons in the fire as it were.

"Ooohhh look - COMICS!"

In fact that was the meta-lesson behind the last lecture: over the course of the class students were exposed to a variety of ways to create sequential art, which can all in turn be published in any number of venues, including hung on the wall of a gallery as original art, or compiled into a book (either photocopied like a minicomic, uploaded to a print-on-demand company or produced through a traditional offset press via a publisher), submitted for syndication, used in freelance design for logos, tshirts, posters etc. and/or seen on-line somewhere like Facebook, Picasa, Imgur etc. When all was said + done they got to see their works appear in all three arenas, and one hopes on Monday morning it'll be instinctual to reach for a blank sheet of paper + a Sharpie to start a new panel. The only thing more fun than reading comics is drawing them!

Because Whale Man.

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