Friday, April 12, 2013

Out & About: Around Town Etc.

Pure vanity post here: been taking snapshots of some pieces while out & about: already had a classic panel on display at this diner (Sourdough Sam's), but a particular recent cartoon has merited a special countertop display. Rumor has it (according to a couple of the waitresses) that at least one young child was in fact traumatized at the concept of Santa eating the holiday help.

A few years back I did a new logo for a local burger joint, and we dropped in Brewster's for a bite to see our waiter sporting a familiar design on his tshirt, and a plaque on the wall too. 

When it all comes down to it in the end, I'd much rather be hung in an outhouse wall than a gallery, and there's a sublime pleasure in feeling reconnected to a community by virtue of coming across the random panel clipped out or xeroxed and hung on an office door or cubicle wall. And then there's the stray comments from readers regarding something that just ran in the newspaper or was shared on-line. To emerge from the woods blinking in the bright sunlight after toiling away in relative obscurity after hibernating in the cabin over a weekend of drawing: those little reminders are the truly special moments that make a cartoonist's day. Not to mention for this too-often transplanted traveler a welcome sign that one is truly home again.

There are always hints of activity taking place in far-away lands, as evidenced by trackbacks on the Blogger stat page, but not conversant in the languages I haven't the faintest idea why, other than the universal, transcendent appeal of a laugh (one hopes). That said, getting a passing mention on an uber-Trekkie Reddit thread ("Which Star Trek crew would win in a fist-fight?") for my Lieutenant Wharf doodle was awesome. Also a shout-out to a fellow blogger ("It Come To Me In A Vision") here in this neck o' th' woods - thanks for the kind mention!

Last but not least - and a little bit farther up north (eighty miles west of Prudhoe Bay to be exact)  - comes a couple snapshots of Nuggets panels being used educationally for an oilfield training program (SAFE: Stop And First Evaluate). And no, technically I haven't sold out yet, as my lovely cousin cut the check. Which I bought oil with anyways.

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