Saturday, June 19, 2010

Editorial Exposure

Been scoring an unusual amount of coverage locally both on-line + print: folks around town have actually been commenting to me in person on panels that have been running in the papers, which is very cool. Makes for a feeling of connectedness to the community even when relatively isolated out at the cabin - rather like maintaining the blog. Excepting people can actually throw things at you out on the street, whereas here one can just hit delete. 
More vanity: also snapped a bonus shot of a special exhibition up at the UAF Museum of the North while out field-tripping with the drawing class: 
Then & Now: The Changing Arctic Landscape (May - January 8, 2011)
"This exhibition presents compelling, visual evidence of climate change in the North. By comparing early 20th Century photos with contemporary views from the same vantage points, visitors can see for themselves the nature and extent of changes to this remote landscape. Personal narratives complement the photos to help visitors understand what these changes mean for the world in which we live."
 Lots of before & after "duh" shots of the Incredible Shrinking Glacier phenomenon and scientifically depressing but easy-to-understand displays that even the flat-earthers denialists would experience a wee bit of cognitive dissonance over.
In yet another museum-caliber case of comic relief, the "Perspective Inversion" panel makes an appearance, much to the consternation and confusion of the casual observer.

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