Saturday, December 19, 2020

Corben etc.

Artist Richard Corben died: He was a tentpole talent for one of the most influential comics that inspired me in highschool, Last Gasp's "Slow Death." Afterwards when my tastes matured (/s) and I evolved into a Heavy Metal fan, there he was again. His unique, distinctive style carried over regardless of the character or content. 

After my first year over on Instagram, I'm throttling back my uploads and limiting posts to just one a week, probably Sundays, just here on like Ink & Snow (for the most part). This on account of the time + energy spent on-line is an omnipresent drain on limited resources that could be otherwise invested in more projects. I've seeded the platform enough at this point, and it's a decent portfolio of material. One little thing I've recently started doing was using my Instagram tag in the copyright fine print next to the title and signature. I swapped it out instead of the Ink & Snow address that I’ve used since forever, just to see what would happen. I'll start with the 2019 stuff now, and as with both print + blog, slowly spin off the wheel and become detached from reality, meaning the time-honored seasonal distinctions have broken down: winter or summer is just a state of mind that lasts all year. Trivia: My favorite filter as of late is Perpetua, which since even the official Instagram blog neglected to show a sample of, here's what the nifty split-screen effect looks like as applied to my panels. Trendy and like most hipster effects - or cartoons for that matter - aesthetically empty and ultimately forgettable.

That being said it's still a great place to look at neat art, especially divorced from the toxic effluent continually vomited out on Facebook. One can only hope they will now become divested from that rotting corpse and regain their independence from the Walmart of the Internet that has contributed to the decline of democracy. Bonus points for irony in saying this on a Google product, created on an Apple product while listening to a Disney product being played on another Google product. Good thing I just bought some more Forever Stamps and fresh ink.

"WAP" Wet Ass Panels

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