Sunday, October 11, 2020

"Two Trips"

While drawing this panel I distinctly recalled a couple times of logistical trepidation: “Why the hell do I keep insisting on doing this to myself.” Oh wait – that was while unloading groceries from the car and hauling bags down the cabin path. Not the first time I wished for a handy set of horns.
Also not the first time I remembered afterwards that I shoulda packed (or at least drawn) the reusable cloth bags instead.But seriously, it was a basic advanced art whine where you sit and stare at the problem and watch it grow bigger right before your eyes before you even pick up a pen (“pole-vault over a moose turd”) and hype the complexity so much it stalls out right there on the drawing board.
And yes it was somewhat of a clusterf*ck from a design standpoint, and at a few key spots I entrusted tweaking during the digital phase to save the day, or at least clean up the damn mess I made.Bonus: Here's an image for during the lockdown and/or self-isolating during any recent (or future) period of prudent quarantine.

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