Sunday, October 25, 2020

"Outhouse Tech" + "Frontier Hoop-Skirts"

 2-4-1: A couple thematically linked panels that both came to me in a sudden surge of inspiration while ruminating upon the repository of all great ideas. Some of my best shit ever.

In all seriousness I had a tussle with my conscience over the usage of the term "frontier." It just keeps falling a little flatter every time you use it, especially once you've eaten a bite of the forbidden fruit (see Howard Zinn) and ignorance about the insidious persistence of colonialism is no longer an excuse. If the entire premise is a joke to begin with, will the only folks left to riddle us with hidden truths be the fools, our jesters in the court of contemporary criticism?


  1. A properly proportioned hoop skirt could serve as a personal shelter to enhance warmth on winter visits to the outhouse. Too late now, though. I would have to have put the idea onto social media back in the 19th Century.

    1. Astute observation. Tangentially related there is quite the fashion fad up in this neck of the woods now with down insulated dresses. Not to skirt the issue or anything.

    2. Here in New Hampshire as well, in long and short versions, depending on how much the wearer wants to keep warm.