Sunday, August 23, 2020

"Weighted Blanket"

Synonymous with every critter we've ever had is the snuggle. Snugs. It's all about the snugs. I haven't the faintest idea of when the security blanket became commodified but it seems we are the generation of nostalgia. Or maybe that's just my age showing.

Presumably the precise moment of bisociation occurred while surfing with a meatloaf fuzzball nestled in next to me on the couch with me pinned beneath the covers as usual.

"Where do you get your ideas?" Just take notes. At all times, everything all around you is trying to tell a story, to let you in on the joke.

The sequence of snapshots illustrates the core concept of setting a stage for the characters + props. Methodical layering of basic, simple underlying shapes as the composition begins to coalesce. Then ink is employed with an organic line to create a contour drawing. Then time for snuggles.

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