Sunday, August 25, 2019

"Stump Grinding"

There actually is a local business whose company truck occasionally catches my eye on account of their business logo (cartoon beavers tend to do that), and as it turns out the term itself is a more commonly-understood part of the woodsy frontier than I expected, as it's a suburban landscaping thing. Cabin-dwellers tend to forget about such cosmetic niceties along with mowing or even the stupid concept of lawns in its entirety.

De-tails: The bump part of the ol' "bump n' grind"

Meta: The funniest part of this panel was trolling myself, since as a setup I had been stoking the anticipation of students who saw the process unfold live in the classroom with another, different demo piece. As the concept evolved from sketchbook doodle > pencil > ink > watercolor I promised them they'd see the finished version in all its glory published in the pages of the paper over the weekend. When that morning arrived I dutifully drove down to the corner store and eagerly paid for my own copy. Imagine my rueful chagrin when after opening up the appropriate section I was greeted by this guy instead. Ha ha - not the first time that the joke's literally on me.

The raw, unedited "PG-13" version

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