Sunday, December 16, 2018

"Skating Away"

Meta: Sometimes Blogger will inadvertently delete everything with a single stroke while editing a page, and when you try to undo, it'll instead autosave a completely blank page after you've invested time + effort in constructing a post.

All joking aside, I had detailed commentary on the plight of the polar bear as a direct result of heightened plundering via this administration, but, like a lot of other animals and critical habitat, one day it all just vanished.

Times like that - for example here on this very post - I despair and swear I'll be stopping blogging forever. It's gone on long enough and I've pretty much said all there is to say about the subjects of cartooning and teaching. I'll just be focusing instead on creating new works and longer narratives: I often think about how much would otherwise get accomplished in these other arenas with a reallocation of personal, mental resources. Of course, I've said the same damn thing here before, and it'll take most of 2019 to tap out what's already in the pipeline, so no worries on abruptly ending.

I originally had a long writeup reflecting on my times alone out in the Alaskan wilderness, and how it affects one's perception of human behavior, especially when observing people in Nature when they think that they are not being watched (in a detached, scientific data-driven sense as opposed to creepy stalker). How often do we project anthropomorphous interpretations onto the unadulterated antics of animals while out in the field, all the while secretly wishing we could shed our personal inhibitions and just simply enjoy life without any crippling hangups.
"Meanwhile back in the year one
When you belonged to no one
You didn't stand a chance, son
If your pants were undone"


  1. Since your online presence is my only way to enjoy your company, I hope some form persists. That being said, I also support the reallocation of time and energy to the actual creations that are your raison d'ĂȘtre.

    1. Sure do appreciate it - I actually have posts on pause all the way through August at this point... just like with the backlog of cartoons I'm always updating, editing, rearranging and interrupting/diverting the flow all the time.
      Though one has to wonder how much RAM all this mental juggling eats up while running constantly in the background...
      Now back to raisins...