Friday, December 21, 2018

Repost: "Digital Beards - How to Cartoon"

Recently tripped over an old post that has actually aged okay: turns out the vodcast of me produced by Digital Beards way back in 2013 is now the fourth most popular video of all time on UAF’s eCampus YouTube educational channel. I spend most of the time (over an hour long!) talking down to the off-camera sketchbook - one of my handicaps in the classroom is not directly engaging an audience with eye contact, as I was raised on traditional slides and am infinitely more comfortable narrating from behind, in the dark. Awkward.

Protip/Note to Self: Start adding rodents to my tutorials.

Sorted by popularity, with over 5.8k views, this little lecture now ranks just slightly ahead of “Handling Procedure for Laboratory Mice” …but still not as popular as “Module 14.4 – Narrated Elevated Plus Maze” (very excited scientist narrates mouse navigating a maze).

Thanks again go out to host and producer Chris Malmberg, and here's a bonus supplemental post that followed up the vodcast with the completed panel as published in the paper. And stay 'tooned for a new video tutorial that should be ready sooner than later is actually uploaded here if you wanna check it out before the accompanying backstory is posted in a couple weeks.

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