Sunday, April 29, 2018

"E Pluribus Unumoose"

Sometimes an idea comes along that you just have to sit on for a while, before it hatches out onto a scrap of paper. Which is another kind of nest where concepts incubate, like an oven.

Then into the kitchen where all the necessary kneading takes place. And that's just about how I try and run portions of my drawing classes, like a cooking show, where I can line up different stages for a demonstration. Depending on how long they're baked, some will be raw or burnt, but that's a risk you run doing it "live."

Astute observers will note the change between redpolls and chickadees from the digitally-clored versus the watercolored variations - that actually was in sync with the natural rhythm of things around the cabin. This year we seemed to have a particularly voracious herd of the Redpolls pillage this neck of the woods, to the point I sincerely questioned the logic of hauling fifty-pound sacks of seed around only to see them emptied in no short order. But then again, I routinely cycle through vast quantities of cat food (and the subsequent litter) to be okay with the cycle of life. 

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