Sunday, April 22, 2018

"Dry Pavement"

Not that this by any means means spring is actually here. Though by the time this particular panel is published and then posted the thrill will be long gone: like greenup and other seasonally related phenomena, the window of awareness closes pretty quick, and then we're on to the next Alaskan Moment®™. Also idiot drivers speed all year -round in all conditions, so in that regard it's timeless.

It's also that time of the year when for the first time in many months I can effectively bake any inks on the drive home by putting them in the sun on the dash + crank up the defroster. In ten minutes it's dry enough to erase and scan right away. This also helps with closure in demos: there's a quick turnaround to having the piece appear in print so as to illustrate the arc of artistic creation from inception to execution.

On a meta side-note, I think mostly from here on out I'll post only pictures of work-in-progress (panels in varying stages of development) in a context/environment/setting (as opposed to straight-up scans). This on account of finally connecting the dots on the aesthetics of photography as employed by two groups: foodies and potters.

I've long been admiring how some contemporary creators from both crafts use evocative imagery to promote their respective wares - the pictures themselves are beautiful, in contrast with a more formal catalog-y look. You also don't really have a clear, wholly descriptive depiction of the item in question - for example only portions of the finished product are visible in the photograph. If you want to experience the full deal you obviously need to physically interact with the subject... eat it, hold it in your hands and sip from it, or in the case of my cartoon, buy the newspaper.

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