Saturday, February 3, 2018

Misc. Doodles

Here's some miscellaneous, random doodles, just for the hell of it. Kinda like why one does doodles. That sometimes the "why" or "what" will always be a mystery is a given, like the above panel, which - like many things I watch come out the other end of the pencil - I haven't the faintest idea was the point.

I treat Facebook feeds and other streams of social media as something to stick the mental toe into. Or sometimes, wade right on in and wallow about for a while. You never know what will serve as a prompt, trigger point or launching pad into something to draw.

And, as always, one never needs to look any further than your own life to take note of the ridiculous. Many a time I catch myself doing something dumb - never be above making fun of yourself: you're your own best material.

Of course, the news is a never-ending wellspring of satirical situations, there's always an issue just made for poking a stick at.

And whenever stray thoughts of friends - or a quick note of gratitude - cross my mind, that's enough reason to let 'em out, usually onto anything at hand, be it a scrap of paper of the back of a bill.

Instead of following the other lemmings off a cliff, do your own thing in your own way, and never let anybody else tell you that you're not good enough. Unless your wrong, like, say, the myth of lemmings committing suicide. Whatever.

Even so the entire universe is home to worlds of ideas and inspiration. So keep looking up, look all around you, look deep inside and find the funny.

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