Sunday, July 2, 2017

"Salmon Maternity Ward" + Cross-Hatchery"

It's pretty rare for me to incorporate digital effects to such a noticeable degree, usually the work done on the computer is strictly just for value and/or coloring, and minor tweaking and editing purposes (cleanup mostly). In this particular panel though, I enhanced the illusion of a transparent surface with the subtle highlight, additionally cloning and fading out the opacity of the cribs in the room. Also just another excuse to play around with depth cues and linear perspective.

Your call as to which version works better: this would be another one of those instances I personally think the sketchy, gestural quality of the initial doodle captures more of the essence of the concept than the finished piece. Though to be sure it's fun experimenting with special effects on the computer.

And as to the other offering with this week's double-header, for some reason I obsessed on drawing each and every individual fish, as opposed to using the computer to digitally duplicate them. That would have been the professional way to save time. Honestly though, if you're trying to save time when drawing a cartoon (using a computer font of one's own hand-lettering is another prime example), maybe you're in the wrong damn business. News flash: it's art... you're probably already "wasting time."

Or at least these are some of the many stray thoughts that migrate upstream through my brain while otherwise occupied by hours spent stippling or hatching. Might as well make a meal out of it while you're at it. That's the difference between something that's been in the crockpot at the cabin versus handed to you at a drive-through: so much of what people consume these days for art is just fast food.

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