Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pucked/Ideas on Ice

A sampling of sketchbook doodles: these are from another session while hanging out at the Student Rec Center on UAF campus. These advanced drawing sorties not only provide real-world exercises with which to apply the in-class training runs, they also are quite often a rich vein of inspirational material from which to literally draw from.

These were actually dead-enders, as they're not going anywhere, nor likely to be used for anything except compost in the mental mulch-pile. But they serve as illustrations for how much of an impact exposure to new environments can trigger interesting and unexpected results. I find reflexive interpretations to unfamiliar situations to be as much of a creative catalyst as daydreaming + doodling. It just sometimes takes practice to learn how to be comfortable enough working somewhere out of one's comfort zone: ensconced in the buffer of a studio should ideally be hand-in-glove with breaking out mentally + physically and exploring diverse scenarios.

Case in point here being how normally I would never even remotely be interested in going to an ice rink, not being either a hockey parent nor a sports fan. In fact, after decades of involvement with the university as both a student and an educator, I had yet to ever set foot in the Patty Ice Arena. Just goes to show you how these unexpected journeys can lead us to cross-fertilization and new sources of ideas. And again, it brings up the meta-lesson in how, just like athletics, success is directly contingent upon the discipline of constant exercise + practice.

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