Sunday, December 25, 2016

Xmas 2016

An odd confluence of timing this year means that since it's Christmas there isn't a newspaper out today, and since it's also a Sunday - no new Nuggets either. But it just so happens to be the one day a week we here at Ink & Snow faithfully execute our duty to bring you a new posting. Meaning, of course, that there's simply no such thing as a holiday (or day off really) for a cartoonist.

As a side-note here, you might notice the inclusion of a cat on the final print version... that's Luna-Bella, who was a member of our household for a month back in November. We adopted her from the local shelter in hopes of providing young Atticus with a buddy. But unfortunately, despite a lot of effort into creating a harmonious coexistence (even trying pheromones to no avail) there was too much friction and fighting, not to mention territorial pissings (literally). There was an age (2 years vs 6) and gender difference, which may have been a major part of the issue.

Really tore me up to take her back, as after half-a dozen adoptions I'd never had to experience the horrible feeling of failing in providing a forever home. It certainly made it worse that it was the fourth time she made her way back to the pound. I paid the fees forward... and within an hour she was picked up by a newlywed couple without any other animals in the household, which made the guilt somewhat dealable. Though I now know tears flow just as easily at thirty-below.

She was named that in honor of Luna (above), who was an adorable kitten we had scored shortly before... well we never got to even take her home, as during the intermediate step of a routine checkup and neutering at the vet, they discovered she had a rare, incurable and fatal disease known as Feline infectious peritonitis, which I had never even heard of. So that was a sad development, thanks to an unscrupulous breeder in the Delta Junction area who has been behind the recent rise in cases seen by veterinarians in the state. So we're gonna take a break on the heartbreaks for a spell...
Oh nevermind....

Not that there's any shortage whatsoever of kitty cuteness in the cabin, as this little (well, getting bit bigger now) purrball certainly enjoys getting spoiled. So from all our fuzzy hearts here at the cabin, please have a safe + warm holiday season!
Creative assistance courtesy Atticus The Omnipresent Editor

PS: Here's a sneak-peek at what will probably get rolled over into next year...

PPS: And of course no family-friendly holiday would ever be truly complete without an added bonus edit panel... CHEERS EVERYBODY!

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